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Palm with Normal Hooscope
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My Kundali (Normal Horoscope) Features:!!! 

Your Janam Kundali will show not only the basic astrological details but it will focus on more intensive details like Lagna, Yoni, Gana, Varna and Nakshatra Padas that are used to look at your destiny from multiple angles.!!!! (38-45 Pages)

Life Time Membership and Online & Offline Astrology File Registration with Server Downloading System,

Astrology & Lucky with Evil Information,

Panchang Details,

Lagna and Chandra Kundali,

Graha Sphut with Chalik Langa,

Nabansa and Chalit Chandra Kundali,

Nirayan Vab chalit,

Tara Chakra,

Sudarsan Chakra

Sonnri Chakra

Tripap Chakra

Chalit Kundali and Vab Kundali,

Vimsottoridasa with Antra and Paytantar dasa,

Some Numerology wise Nos,

Gemstone Remedy Prediction For Total Life and dasa wise,

Rudraksha Remedy Prediction For Total Life

Sade-sati Time Table wise Dosh Prediction with Remedy,

Mangalik Dosh Prediction Analysis with Remedy,

Kaalsarp Dosh Prediction Analysis with Remedy,

Pitri Dosh Prediction Analysis with Remedy,

Nakhatra Predictions

Nabagradetails grahafal,

Next 5 Years Date wise Dasa-Antardasa-Phal Prediction,

Palmistry is an ancient science. In India palmistry was called Hasta Rekha Samudrik Shastra.
Where reading palm or lines of hand meant scanning through the blueprint of ones life.
Palm is a mirror of our personality.
Palmistry is an ancient science. In India palmistry was called Hasta Samudrik Shastra.
Where reading palm or lines of hand meant scanning through the blueprint of one’s life.
Palm is a mirror of our personality and it reveals our basic instates our past and future. 
A good palmist can guide our Life Purpose and Life Path.

Hand Analysis -based counseling can be used for self-discovery, relationships, career options, marriage, abroad settlement, recovery from depression, opportunities, progeny, etc.

Direct Astrologer Consultancy.