Numerology Judgment

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Numerology helps in revealing the future potential hidden inside you. It also provides you a tool to better understand others.

Ratna Jyotis Horoscopes Horoscope or Kundali is the basis of Vedic Astrology and acts as the astrological chart to calculate the future of an individual. The Horoscope or Kundali based on the date of birth , Time of Birth , Place of Birth is the most accurate way to predict ones personality traits and how their future would pan out. But with evolving technologies our path to attain the truth has deviated too! so -It is not child play or game. Online Horoscope now features a Diff. of options and astrological systems available for horoscope Reading. Online Horoscope Predictions are all correct and boast about their accuracy. Prepared by our expert Astrologers who have decades of experience in their Respective fields, the Birth Horoscope thus devised is done meticulously with deft and unerring predictions. Ratna Jyoti gives to you Best Horoscope Prediction Reports aimed at Providing You the most Accurate and Detailed Horoscope Report in the Market. Ratna Jyoti brings you this ancient wisdom by which you can get your future revealed by our highly Experienced Astrologers who have been helping clients to prosper all over the world since decades.


Numerology reading is the study of numbers which is known as the numerology. According to the astrologer’s Numerology is nothing just a mathematical calculation of your date of birth to get your path number as a result.

One of the benefits of numerology consultation is that it can uncover your destiny and life purpose and the life lessons you will face along the way, which is valuable information if you want to make the most of your journey.

Numerology helps in revealing the future potential hidden inside you. It also provides you a tool to better understand others. It tells you about your strengths and weaknesses and your breaking point.

What can numerology be used for? 

Numerology can be used for many things, but here are some of its most common uses:

  • Greater self- awareness and understanding
  • Improving relationships through a better understanding of others
  • Forecasting the future
  • Planning major life events
  • Predicting cycles and patterns
  • Choosing a suitable career
  • Evaluating relationship compatibility
  • Changing a name for marriage (or other purposes)
  • Choosing a business name (website domain name, product name, brand name, book title etc …)
  • Naming a baby
  • Evaluating the energy of an address, a property, or a home
  • Choosing a wedding date
  • Naming a pet
  • Deciphering the meaning of recurring numbers
  • Evaluating the energy of a country, a city, a town etc.

Numerology Report Features:

  • Numerological Results
  • Numerological Life Graph
  • Numerology Prediction
  • Adjustment of Name Number to get favorable results
  • Favourable Time, Favorable Day, Favorable/Unfavourable Dates
  • Friendship and Partnership, Love, Marriage
  • Lucky vehicle number
  • Health and disease, Occupation
  • Fast, Favourable/Unfavourable Stone, Color, Lord and Mantras
  • Material to be donated
  • Vastu and Niwas
  • Herbal Wearings, Herbal Bath, Yantra