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Deciders: Why Ratna Jyoti customers remain loyal

We know you will seek out Ratna jyoti time and again because:
1. You can shop for a very wide range of products that include rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.
2. All our products are crafted only from the highest quality (best certification) of diamonds and Gems, ensuring you receive the best value for your money.
3. Our prices reflect only the true value of the diamond/Gems, or jewellery itself, without having the advertising and overheads that add to the price.
4. Impulse buying and carefully planned purchases are both equally easy on our site with our prices ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 30 lakhs and even higher.
5. We offer a very large selection of diamonds,Gems, Rudraksha, settings and readymade jewellery.
6. Our products are made to order, and we donot have any inventory. This not only adds to the uniqueness of the product you receive, it means you are not paying for us to maintain our extra stock.
7. When you use our resources, you make an informed jewellery purchase with the relevant information you need to make a decision that stands the test of time.

 Ratna jyoti Experience

*Best Possible Shopping Experience
*Best & Guarantee Astrology Online Prediction with High Edu.Gov. Reg. PhD.Astrologer
*All & Every Product Sell with certifications
*Unique Products such as Exceptional Value
*High Quality Products(Certified Diamond ,Gems & Real Rudraksha)
*Products deliver right to you door(Worldwide)
*24/7 Online e-mail Support
* Most Low Fees Shipping
*Secure Payment Gateway(SSL) [HTTPS means "Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure" ] 

Price and Budget
Ratna jyoti has an online store front and does not have to spend on setting up swanky retail stores. We thus save on the various overheads that go into setting up a showroom. We can afford to pass on this advantage to our customers in terms of better pricing.
The online model also allows us to work with minimum inventory and provides further savings on inventory carrying costs. Therefore our business model allows us to save costs in multiple ways and we are able to offer you the best prices without compromising on product quality. This makes our diamonds and jewellery valuable investments, and brings them within the reach of many budgets.

The Ratna Jyoti Initiative
At Ratna Jyoti, we are doing our part to make sure that our customers receive conflict-free diamonds. Specifically, our internal guidelines exceed government requirements, an initiative that provides the following: Ratna Jyoti does not purchase polished diamonds from sources which are not professional members of the diamond trade. Ratna Jyoti has binding contracts with our suppliers which guarantee that the diamonds they offer to us for sale are conflict-free Guarantee. We understand that our customers care where their diamonds come from and we share that concern with you. By shopping Ratna Jyoti, we strive to maintain the highest standards including sourcing diamonds from reputable providers.