Ratna jyoti Marketing Executives Offers

Offer for Marketing Executives
Ratnajyoti is looking for dynamic people from diverse background, from across the country to work as marketing executives. The   incumbent should have a flair for Space Selling in the website

As a marketing executive what am I required to sell ?
You will be selling space in our website as well  Astrology Consultancy,Certified Diamond,Gems & Rudraksha,Jewellery.

How much do I need to invest ?
As  a marketing  executive you need Only Rs.5000/-INR invest For Joining(Life Time) .

What  will be the compensation ?
As  marketing executive you will be earning  a flat 3%-to-20% ( on of the deal amount) on any deal that you strike.

Can you explain my earning potential in detail for each type of transaction.?
Sure. Given below are the details of your entitlements for every deal that you strike.

 1.   10% earn on of the “ joining amount” upon a Marketing  Executive
 2.   5% earn on of the “joining amount” upon selling a Resellership
 3.   3% earn on of the “joining amount” upon selling a Franchise
 4.   3%  earn on Per Certified Lose Diamond Sale
 5.   10% earn on Per Precious , Semi-Precious,Rudraksha Gems Sale
 6.   15% earn on Per Gems and Pearl Jewellery Sale
 7.   10% earn on on Every New Astrology Consultancy
 8.   20% earn on Rdraksha Jewellery Sale
 9.   3%  earn on Diamond Jewellery Sale
10.  10% earn on Our Others Product Sale

What will be the nature of the deals like?
As marketing  excutive you will be responsible for  collecting advertisements from different enterprises /organizations  and also selling resellership/ partnership & Others.

What will be the target for the month /year?
Be it on a monthly or an annual basis , there wont be any targets. 

What will the working hours be like?
There won’t be any fixed working hours as such. It entirely depends on how you want to go about the job.    

Can I register my name as marketing executive although I am  not a resident of west Bengal & India?
We are looking for people from across the globe to join us.

How can I register my name as a MARKETING EXECUTIVE of Ratna Jyoti?
All that you need ,is send us a copy of photo id and address proof for us to register your name as a MARKETING EXECUTIVE of Ratna Jyoti.

How will I be get my emoluments   ?
It entirely depends on the nature /Mode of transaction. However you can get your emoluments  credited  to your account by issuance of a cheque or you can credit the amount to our account after deducting your entitlement

Please make sure go through the Terms-conditions & Privacy Policy before joining. In case you need any further clarification feel free to contact us  at contact@ratnajyoti.com   or alternatively call us at 9732150484